driving the herd, with thanks to Eldhestar

Last summer whilst in Iceland I was invited along with some members of the Eldhestar tour company to ride with them while they drove a herd of loose horses from the field they had been grazing to a corral about 30km away. Now, I am able to ride a horse but I’m far from an experienced rider, and even farther from the level of skill you need to control a herd, so I rode in the Toyota. Icelandic horses have astonishing natural colouring and when the sun peeked out they looked beautiful trotting (yes, and tölting) along the road. Eldhestar guides Anna and Sigrún rode at the front and rear of the herd and kept everything under control. I jumped in and out of the 4×4 and shot these images.

Huge thanks to Hró∂mar for inviting me along for the ride, also Anna, Sigrun, Lena and all at Eldhestar.

These images are rather ‘inspired’ by Tim Flach‘s work, so after looking at these, please go take a look at his astonishing photographs of horses (many in Iceland) and other animals.

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