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Interested in cameras, computers and what they can do together.

Ava at six eight months

Ava is now a little less than eight months old. The pictures begin she was two months old (top left), then in the UK in May (top middle) and then back in Sweden (bottom row), in the last picture she is a little over seven months old. Ava is working on her standing at the [...]

three polaroids

After leaving my job at UCA I was mailed a mysterious package, containing miscellaneous prints and papers which I’d left in my former office. Amongst them were these three polaroids. These were shot as examples during 5:4 camera workshops for 1st year students. The flowers were left over from a previous shoot, lost in the [...]

announcing Ava Kent

On the 14th February 2011 Malin gave birth to a wonderful baby girl. She is our first child, we have named her Ava Kent.

Malin and I have moved to Sweden

In December 2010 Malin and I and finally upped sticks and moved from London to Stockholm. We looked around at some different areas as we negotiated the notoriously difficult Swedish property market, in the end we moved to Kista. So we’re a little outside of Stockholm to the west, but it’s pretty fast to get [...]

The formats are dead, long live the formats

For some years now I’ve been concerned, distressed even, about the loss of ‘the formats’. Where a professional photographer shooting film would have likely had a number of different formats of camera to shoot different types of images; a 35mm for fast action and unobtrusive documentary, medium format for portraits and more controlled images, a [...]

archiving a WordPress blog to flat html files

For the last few years I have running WordPress blogs for ‘the Setbuild Project’, which lasts 3 months each year, the blogs are only actively used for that short period and since it’s a new group of people doing the project each year I end up making a new install of WordPress for each year. This [...]

Photography’s Evolving Tools. Introduction

This is the introduction to a short series of articles discussing my ideas about the developments of photographic tools in the last fifteen years. I’m pretty much “Yay digital!” all the time. I’ve been shooting pics for almost twenty years, and teaching others how to do it for the last nine. I learnt photography the [...]

driving the herd, with thanks to Eldhestar

Last summer whilst in Iceland I was invited along with some members of the Eldhestar tour company to ride with them while they drove a herd of loose horses from the field they had been grazing to a corral about 30km away. Now, I am able to ride a horse but I’m far from an [...]

JOI 2010, Åre

The Jon Olsson International 2010, a big air jibber jump contest setup by shiny toothed Swe free-styler Jon Olsson. These are some shots I made from the crowd (I had a 40D and a 70-200mm, what else was I meant to do ?). My particular favourite is the big J O himself (in the blue) [...]